History History

The foundation of the University of Tehran, College of Agriculture & Natural Resources (UTCAN), goes back to year 1900 when it was first established under the title of "School of Agriculture" in the village of Chardange in Tehran. After six years, the school was developed to the "School of Higher education". In 1917, the school was moved to the Palace of Soleimanieh in the city of Karaj. In 1921, the school was further expanded and the "School of Higher Agricultural Studies, Rural Handicrafts & Industries" with three departments was established. After two decades of activities in the field of agriculture (in 1940), it was reshaped as the "Faculty of Agriculture (FA)". In 1949, the FA was finally proclaimed as one of the faculties of the University of Tehran. The ten departments of the FA provided opportunities to admit students in 54 majors and 66 specializations in undergraduate and graduate programs in Agricultural Science & Engineering disciplines.

In 1963, a new institute named "Institute of Forests & Rangelands" was established due to consideration of conservation, renovation, and development of natural resources. Then the "Faculty of Forestry" was approved by the University of Tehran Council in 1966 and student admissions took place in that year. In 1972, the faculty was further expanded to the "Faculty of Natural Resources (FNR)" with four departments in 23 majors and 5 specializations in both undergraduate and graduate programs.

In 2004, the two faculties (FA and FNR) were merged and re-structured as "University of Tehran, College of Agriculture & Natural Resources (UTCAN)".