UTCAN Structure UTCAN Structure

Dr. Seyed Hossein Goldansaz
Phd in Entomology
Academic rank: Asso. Prof.
Phone:+98-26-32228016          Fax:  +98-26-32224511
E-mail: goldansz@ut.ac.ir
Personal web-page: http://can.ut.ac.ir/member/goldansaz.aspx


Dr. Reza Talaei Hassanlouei
Associate Dean of Finance & Administration
Phd in Biological Control - Insect Pathology
Academic rank:  Professor
Phone: +98-026-32224511          Fax:  +98-26-32224511
E-mail: rtalaei@ut.ac.ir
Personal web-page: http://can.ut.ac.ir/member/rtalaei.aspx


Dr. Mojtaba Delshad
Associate Dean of Graduate and Education
PhD in Physiology & Breeding of vegetable crop
Academic rank:  Assoc. Prof.
Phone:+98-26-32220686          Fax:  +98-26-32220686
E-mail: delshad@ut.ac.ir
Personal web-page: http://can.ut.ac.ir/member/delshad.aspx


Dr. Gholam Reza Zehtabian
Associate Dean of Research and Technology
PhD in Soil and Water Relationship
Academic rank:  Professor
Phone:+98-26-32241608          Fax:  +98-26-32241608
E-mail: ghzehtab@ut.ac.ir
Personal web-page: http://can.ut.ac.ir/member/zehtabian.aspx


Dr. Mostafa Oveisi
Associate Dean of Student & Cultural Affairs
PhD in Weed Biology & Modelling
Academic rank: Assoc. Prof.
Phone:+98-26-32222069          Fax:  +98-26-32222069
E-mail: moveisi@ut.ac.ir
Personal web-page: